Each state’s ranking is based on multiple factors under each of the categories of Accessibility of the Ballot, Representation in Government and Influence in the Political System. Click the individual factors for a detailed comparison of states based on that particular policy area.

= Among the lowest performing states for the factor
Florida Accessibility of the Ballot
B- (11th Place)
Florida Representation in State Government
D (39th Place)
  1. Ex-felon post-sentence disenfranchisement
  2. This state offers Constitutional Amendment initiatives
  3. 7.4% toward Republicans
  4. 6.7% toward Republicans
  5. 0.59 (1 = appropriate representation)
  6. 0.33 (1 = appropriate representation)
Florida Influence in the Political System
B+ (2nd Place)
  1. $6,000
  2. Yes
  3. Received 100 points out of 120 maximum
  4. 2 year cooling off period
  5. C
  6. Received 50 points out of 100 maximum
Policy Recommendations

Every state including Florida has room to improve across a number of areas, especially those for which it is among the lowest performing in the nation. The Center for American Progress Action Fund has made a series of policy recommendations to improve the health of state democracies based on the findings of this report. A summary of these recommendations is listed below; click here to view the policy recommendations page for a more in-depth description.

Modernize Voter Registration

Provide preregistration to 16 and 17 year olds

Provide online voter registration

Provide same-day voter registration

End Participation in the Crosscheck program

Better integrate voter registration opportunities into transactions at state Motor Vehicle Departments and other public agencies.

Eliminate Barriers to Participation and Representation

Expand in-person early voting, including evening and weekend hours

Provide no-fault absentee voting

Eliminate voter ID laws

Re-enfranchise ex-offenders after they have served their prison sentences

Allow citizen ballot initiatives

Create fair district maps

Create sustainable public campaign finance options

Expose and Limit Influence in the Political System

Set appropriate campaign contribution limits

Strengthen disclosure laws

Require a broad, two-year cooling off period for former elected officials

Provide complete, accessible information to “empower the public’s use of government-held data.”

Strengthen judicial recusal laws

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